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Hey! I’m Stan and I’ve been meaning to start a blog about my MMA training for a while. I became fascinated with this sport ever since I was in ninth grade, and now, in my last year of highschool, I finally have the time to extend my practice and seriously organize it. I think that of all combat sports, MMA is the most difficult to master, since it combines so many elements. In other martial arts and fighting styles, there is just a set (it can be a wide set, I admit) of moves, and I find that limiting. MMA lets you bring a great variety of moves and styles on the same ring, and you can thus express yourself better, and it also gives you many more ways to surprise your adversary.

The problem (there has to be a problem, right?) is that an MMA fighter has much more to learn, and the training is tougher. I heard many young people get discouraged in the first year and quit the sport, but my plan is to work on this methodically and constantly improve my level. For this, I need to keep a journal of some sort, in order to be able to track my performance as it betters. Many people like to do it on paper, but I’m not really that kind of person. It’s not that I lack the patience to pick up a pen and write, but I do appreciate the helping hand of a computer, especially if the result is the same. Plus, the blog is public, so everyone can read my posts and even comment and give their opinion.

So before I start posting, I should tell you about what I already know, and what I plan to do in the next couple of months. I’ve been taking judo classes for about three years, and I’m pretty good at it. But like I said, MMA is much more than one martial art. Judo does give me the advantage of beginning with what usually becomes of most MMA matches: fighting on the ground. I know how to throw down and pin even adversaries that are bigger and heavier than me, but my punches and kicks aren’t as strong as MMA requires. So I need to increase my strength before I go any further with mastering the arts.

To help me with that and make me less dependable on the gym, I finally got my parent’s approval to buy a heavy bag and put it in my bedroom. I bought a regular, hanging heavy bag from Everlast, and I got a speed bag for free in the package, so I’m all geared up now.

I’m going to measure the increasing force of my punches with a Impact Wrap, an awesome device I got from my sensei, who knows about my dream to become an MMA fighter.

After two months, if my heavy bag pays off, I plan to begin learning the basics of Muay Thai, and we’ll see where that gets me.

That’s it, for now. I’ll keep you posted from now on about the heavy bag training, and my judo training, and in two months, I’ll tell you all about Muay Thai.

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