I’ve decided to install a heavy punching bag in my home so I can prepare more often for MMA fights

MMA is incredible, and I’m very passionate about it. However, I sometimes don’t find enough time to go to the studio as frequently as I would like it to happen. That’s why I’ve decided to purchase a heavy bag so I can exercise and practice my skills on my own, in the comfort of my own home. Right off the bat, I told myself nothing could be easier than getting a punching bag. Unfortunately, I was wrong. There are so many models out there that I really didn’t find it easy to choose one. In the end, I had to pick an Everlast bag because I’m a great fan of this brand as it manufactures some of the highest quality equipment I’ve ever utilized.

Buying the heavy bag was one thing but installing it was a entirely different one. From what I gathered, there are two main methods of setting up the punching bag in your basement. Either you decide to hang it on a wall or the ceiling, or you buy a self-standing one that you can fill up with water or other types of fillings. I personally prefer water because it doesn’t sag like sand and I won’t be feeling like hitting rocks.

Of course natural leather is extraordinary, but few people have the money to buy a heavy bag made of this material. That’s why I eventually had to pick one made with artificial leather. This wasn’t necessarily a problem because I took the time to read some of the buyers’ reviews and didn’t find any complaints regarding the durability of the item.

I didn’t get a self-standing option, and so it was a bit of an adventure to hang the bag on my ceiling because I don’t have any experience in this field and I had to ask for the opinion and help of a friend. I’m not saying I’m not tech-savvy, I just don’t find it necessarily interesting to start fixing up things around my house, which is why I always pay a professional to do it. On the one hand, there’ll be no problem with the repairing per se, and on the other, I’ll be able to rest assured that I didn’t ruin anything.

My buddy Dan is one of the most inventive people I know. It didn’t take long for him to understand how the bag should have been set up. Once he did this, I started out my routine which I will detail some more in another post. I’m looking forward to implementing some changes in my lifestyle and hope you’ll find them interesting enough to read.

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